Hi, I’m Anthony. I’m a nerd with a degree in Software Engineering and a background in Evolutionary A.I. I’m a very big believer in the power of “tech for good” to empower rather than addict people. I also happen to have Crohn’s Disease.

This site will always be a work in progress as a place for me to host my projects – great, bad and prototypes – and blog about many things like assistive technology, social robotics, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and the web. I also want to raise further awareness of Crohn’s through the things I build and write about.

If you’d like to get in touch about anything on the site please feel free to do so via the Contact Form.

Unless it’s about that juice from that plant with 4 consecutive vowels that cured your neighbour’s cousin’s mother’s hot yoga instructor’s Crohn’s Disease – I’m okay with my current medicine.

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