How the f*ck can I be so tired?! I literally just woke up!

It’s World IBD Day 2022. This year I’ve been working on integrating activity tracker information into my on going home robotics project to highlight issues with managing chronic fatigue. Fatigue can affect up to 80% of people with active Crohn’s Disease and between 40 to 50% of those who are in remission. This is the 5th part of my social robotics project investigating ways to...

That time I thought I’d cured my Crohn’s

A standard thing for any Crohnie on a long term medicine like Infliximab (or Remicade depending on where you call home) is the “level check”. How much of the drug is still in your system after a scheduled dose and have any antibodies developed that are fighting the drug making it less effective? So I was having a follow up appointment after getting my own “level check”. I...

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