“Deep Medicine” by Eric Topol

I read “Deep Medicine” around this time last year. Topol’s views on what’s wrong with healthcare align very much with my own. I’ve personally experienced much of what he details in terms of decreasing appointment times, doctors wedged in behind desks half-typing and half-listening to me, poorly managed hospitals forcing extra duties on medical staff and the constantly feeling I’m a billing opportunity instead of a patient.

If you’re interested in the current applications of Artificial Intelligence in the field of medicine then I would definitely recommend his book.

Topol’s opinion is that technology should be used to assist medical professionals not replace them. Let the technology do the grunt work to free up the trained professionals to provide the human touch. I completely agree.

I really appreciated his honest critiques of what tech companies claim they are capable of doing in their grandiose marketing campaigns about “AI”, “Big Data” and “Deep Learning”, how the lies they spin are propped up by uninformed journalism and just how terribly short their technology falls. It made me realise just how important it is that all countries have a regulator specifically for Artificial Intelligence in healthcare like a “AI” European Medicines Agency.

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