I did a podcast!

I was a guest on Episode 132 “AI For Good” of the Cynical Developer Podcast near the end of 2019. We talked about my robotics project, social robots in general and Crohn’s Disease. The Cynical Developer is where I first heard about the Vector robot so the whole thing coming full circle was wonderful!

Talking about what I was working on and how I think social / socially assistive robotics can help with in healthcare was an invaluable experience. I was a little nervous speaking about the impact Crohn’s Disease had on my life outside of the privacy of my social circle. James was cool about it and he has friends who have Crohn’s Disease too. If anyone listening to the episode came away from it now knowing that there’s a thing called Crohn’s Disease then it was worth it.

While preparing for the episode I learned so much about forming opinions and communicating ideas that I can take forward with me into everything else I do. It’s often easier to get the things out of my head into text than it is to articulate them.

Here are some of the robots and companies we talked about:

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